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A Network of innovative solutions

Innoworx is a composure of specialists in various areas focused on creating solutions in the area of

  • Speech recognition
  • Image processing
  • Biometrics
  • Algorithms

Recent projects

Thyssen Krupp Elevators
Speech control system for elevators
Design / development of a Numberplate Recognition system. Special purpose: anonymise plates on photographs. Plates are recognised also with extreme viewing angles, deformations, partial coverage and dirt
Ford of Europe
Architecture, specification and simulation of next-generation Human-Machine-Interaction concepts
Agilent Technologies, Verigy Germany GmbH
System Architecture definition and development for a high-speed memory test component �Result Server�. Redesign of a failure reconstruction system: automatic generation of binary code, optimization of reconstruction algorithms (achieved data reconstruction speed-up by several magnitudes)
Development of an OCR System to recognize character codes on shaped surfaces for the quality assurance in CRT production
J�rgen Landthaler GmbH
Development of analysis software for noise transmission measuring instruments
Storz Endoskop AG
Multi-lingual speech recognition system to control medical devices. (dynamic subset/context creation, automated testing and quality insurance, statistical analysis)
GenoLogic GmbH
Developed an embedded, self contained fingerprint identification system from scratch as a computer-mouse replacement with special features such as mouse tracking using the fingerprint sensor, continuous finger verification, multiple non-reconstructible and physically independent finger templates per finger, etc. Research in motion tracking and iris recognition
BLE Lab. Equipment
Software design and development of a speech control interface for semiconductor wafer quality assurance
Mannesmann Dematic Sortec S.r.l.
Speech control interface for a postal automation system (co-operation with Aska GmbH)
Development of a genetic programming system with special features for pattern recognition i.e. for fingerprint identification and speech recognition
Quelle AG
Speech control interface for the handling of returned goods
Storz Endoskop AG Switzerland
Speech recognition interface for medical devices
Development of an ASR system-independent programming interface and an interface to easily control existing applications by voice
Deutsche Bahn Medien GmbH
Software design and development of a CD-based platform-independent database and search engine in Java
Itas International GmbH
Data mining tools, automatic text association, automatic document processing
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