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(Sept 2011) - Innoworx presents: >>PlateBlurrer an API and stand-alone program to identify and anonymize car license plates in any image. The choice for car-related web services to automatically blur car number plates since 2008
(Sept 2011) - Innoworx goes international: Due to an increasing interest about the license plate spotting and anonymization technology these English pages will provide information such as Whitepapers and fact sheets in the area of image processing as well as for some projects currently under development. The >>German Website is still avalable of course

Experts in pattern recognition

Innoworx does project consulting and realization in the following areas:

  • Image recognition
  • Biometrics, i.e. fingerprint recognition
  • Data mining and text mining
  • Speech recognition
  • Autonomous behaviour and robotics


Besides classical software engineering methods Innoworx also deploys soft-computing technologies for classification and identification tasks, such as:
  • Genetic programming
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Statistical methods
  • Fuzzy logic

Featured Products

Locate and anonymize vehicle license plates in any type of image with the Innoworx >>PlateBlurrer


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